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The fastest way to find an answer to your question is to browse through the FAQs or try the Troubleshooter on this page, or post your question in the popular, dedicated Xara forums at – all are available 24x7.

You can also submit a ticket to our support staff by clicking on Submit a Ticket below, but please remember we can only respond during office hours! Please note TalkGraphics members cannot help with Xara account issues.

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Latest Updates

New versions of Xara Designer Pro, Photo & Graphics Designer and Web Designer have been released.

Designer Pro X

Photo & Graphic Designer 

Web Designer & Web Designer Premium

Updates to the current version are free for anyone with a current Update service.  Additional information is available at 

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Xara has signed a worldwide distribution agreement for its desktop products with MAGIX Software, and Xara's marketing team will focus on driving forward its new cloud solution.  Read the press announcement 

Xara will continue to work alongside MAGIX to ensure a seamless support service. Currently you can submit tickets on the Xara Support site, and shortly on the Magix Support site as well. The support resources (FAQs, etc.) at, our Resource Center and The XaraXone will remain in place for now.

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