Please do not use this contact form for technical support, the contacts shown here will not be able to answer technical queries. You can contact technical support from our support site. The support site also offers very comprehensive support resources which can provide instant answers to all the most common questions relating to our products, including an FAQ knowledgebase and a download and unlocking troubleshooter- we strongly recommend you try these before contacting our support staff, you will almost certainly find the answer you are looking for more quickly! Another very helpful resource is, where you will find forums for all our products.

If you are having a problem with your password then we have an automated service that will email your password reminder hint instantly. Please try this before contacting sales.

For all other queries you can contact staff at Xara using the form below. If your question is product specific please remember to tell us the full name of the product and the version number.  One final note - please do not submit the same question to multiple departments, if you do so this will slow down our reply.

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