Activating and Deactivating a P3 Serial Number

P3 serial number licensing information

From version 11 we've introduced a new 'P3' licensing system which involves some major changes to the way you activate and deactivate your program with the serial number. It is now possible for you, the user, to deactivate your license so you can install it again on a new PC without having to contact support.


You will need a connection to the internet in order to activate your program with a P3 serial number. Just like a P2 serial number, enter the serial number when requested and the email address associated with it to activate your copy. You are allowed to activate the software on up to 2 computers.

Deactivating (2 methods)

  1. Using the help menu. You can use this method as often as you wish. Go to Help > Deactivate Program; an online connection is required to do this. This then frees up an activation for a new installation.

  2. Alternatively you can de-activate a serial number using the online account tool. You can only use this once a month, and not for the first month after activating. Go to and click the Sign in | Register option at the top right to sign in to your account. Sign in and under My Products, go to your P3 serial number and click 'Show Activated Devices'. You can then deactivate a serial number from there.


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