Widget compatibility with version 11 features.

Widget and placeholders are not compatible with all version 11 features.

  • Eyecatcher widgets will currently not display when sticky is applied.
  • Stretch properties cannot be applied to widgets or placeholders.
  • Mouse-over or Click/Touch animations cannot be applied to widgets or placeholders.
  • Several eyecatcher widgets will not render correctly when a reveal animation is applied. In some cases, the widget can be replaced with an updated version from the Designs Gallery.


Web Animation support per widget type

The table below shows whether widgets added to your document in version 10 and widgets provided in version 11 support reveal web animations 



Supported| Supported with known issues | Not supported

Widgetversion 10 widgetversion 11 widget
Z Accordion 1, 2 and 3 Yes Yes
Landscape & Portrait Gallery No Yes
Circular Slideshow Yes Yes
Hover panels Yes Yes
Cycle Slideshows Yes Yes
Galllery Slideshow(3,5,8 col) Yes Yes
Nivo Slider Yes Yes
Fade Slideshows Yes Yes
All effects & Fade Effects Slideshow Yes Yes
Tile Effect Slideshows Yes Yes
Cloud Zoom widgets Yes Yes
Cloud Inner Zoom 2 No No
Easy Accordion Yes Yes
Slidorian Accordion Yes Yes
Chart widgets Yes Yes
Table widgets Yes Yes
Image Carousel widget Yes Yes

Widgets Not supported

version 10 Landscape & Portrait Gallery widgets - Applying reveal causes only one image in the gallery to display. This problem is resolved in the version 11 versions.

Cloud Inner Zoom 2 - Applying reveal prevents the zoom functionality working.

Widgets supported with known issues.

Nivo slider - Applying Reveal web animation causes the pagination controls to be off centre.

Fade slideshows - Applying a Reveal Web Animation to Fade Slideshow widget causes the thumbnail of the showing image to not display as selected.

Tile effects slideshows - Applying Reveal web animation causes the select buttons to be off centre.

Slidorian Accordion - Applying reveal causes the heading controls to initially incorrectly display.

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