How do I upload files to Xara Support?

Sign in to your Xara account at and click the link labelled  Submit a Ticket.  Select the required department and click on the button labelled Next.

The submit a ticket form will allow you to attach a maximum of two files. 

Note: Your ticket will not be delivered if the total file size of your attachments exceeds 10MB.

If the total file size exceeds 10MB, please submit your ticket without attaching the files. Next follow one of the options below in order to complete your file upload and then reply to the email you received confirming your ticket submission providing us with either a link to download your file or the name of the file uploaded to our FTP area.

Option 1

Upload the file to either your own web server and provide us with a link or upload it to a service such as or from here you will be given a download link for the file, please include that link within your email.

Option 2

FTP the file to Xara - you will need an FTP tool such as filezilla or use the command prompt to ftp the file.

username: anonymous
password:your email address.

**It is expected that you will get a message similar to 'unable to retrieve directory listing' when connecting to the FTP area, this will not stop you from uploading the files though.



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