Xara Online Connectable Modules termination

Xara has reluctantly decided to discontinue support for Xara Online Connectable Modules. Details of the announcement can be viewed from here

Answers to additional questions regarding the termination can be found below. ( click on each question to toggle the display of its answer)

Xara discontinued support for only the connectable range of Modules on 4th April 2011

Xara discontinued support for the remaining set of modules on the 2nd January 2014

Annual subscriptions

subscription due to renew after the termination date:

You will be provided with a pro rata refund for the unused part of the subscription. Xara will automatically contact you to issue your refund. Any refunds for unused time will be refunded via credit card to the same card account as used to complete the purchase. If the account is no longer valid then a refund will be completed via cheque.

subscription due to renew before termination date:

These will be altered to monthly subscription

Monthly subscriptions:

No monthly subscriptions will be renewed after 1 month prior to the termination date. This will ensure your modules will continue to be served until the termination date.

You are not required to delete your modules from within your account. Deleting your modules will cause the module inserted within your web site to be replaced with a ‘modules is unavailable notice’ We therefore recommend you remove the modules from your web pages prior to deleting them from within your account.
A module displays within your web page when you have inserted its corresponding HTML snippet within your page. An example HTML module snippet is shown below.


When your web page is viewed within a browser, the browser reads the snippet of HTML and retrieves the module from the xara servers to display it within your Web page. To prevent this from occurring, simply remove the snippet of HTML from your page
Your website will continue to be served as normal. Any modules remaining within your web pages after the termination date will be replaced with a ‘This module is unavailable' notice. This notice can be removed from your pages by removing the corresponding HTML Snippet as explained in FAQ 4 above.

Data held within database modules

Edit the database module and select ‘download data from database’ from the connections tab.

Photos stored within your database modules

Please contact the support team and we will assist you with this enquiry.

There are several services we can recommend as alternatives.

General online service providers

The following sites provide a wide range of widgets including contact forms, photo galleries and many other widget types


Photo Galleries


We recommend contacting the support team allowing us to ascertain your application requirements and recommend an alternative service provider for your application type.

No. Your account will remain active but with no access to the module store. You can still sign in to the account in order to view details of any offline products you have purchased and, if you are an affiliate, your affiliate stats.
If someone has copied the module snippet from the HTML of your website into their own, you will see their site in your list.
We have sent you an email if one of your modules has had recent hits, but it may be that this was only because you previewed it within the module store, or it could be that browser security settings mean that the referring URL has not been supplied.
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