Can I install my Xara software on to more than one computer?

Web Designer 11, Photo & Graphic Designer 11, Designer Pro 11, Page & Layout Designer 11 and Later

The software can be installed & activated by one user on two computers. It is possible for you to cancel an activation when it is no longer required, freeing it for use on another computer. Select the 'deactivate program' option in the Help menu of the program, on the computer you want to deactivate.


Versions 4 - Version 10: Xara Xtreme / Xara Xtreme Pro / Designer Pro / Photo & Graphic Designer /  Web Designer / Web Designer Premium / Page & Layout Designer

There is a 3 machine activation limit on these programs.  This means the programs can be installed and reinstalled multiple times on 3 separate machines.  Additional installations will result in a message when activating indicating your activation count has been exceeded.  Please contact the support team in this scenario requesting an increase in the activation count.

The license allows you to install copies onto multiple computers - so long as you are the only user. For example, you could install it on both your desktop and laptop computers.

Xara reserves the right to withdraw this facility from anyone it suspects of abusing it.

If there will be more than one user, then we sell CD multi-packs that offer savings on multiple copies.  See our website here:

We also offer network licenses for academic sites, see here:

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