Where can I find further help with Xara Xtreme / Designer?

There is a wealth of resources available for helping you with Xara Xtreme, Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro.

1. Select Help > Photo & Graphic Designer help (or Help > Xara Xtreme Help or Help > Designer Pro help as appropriate) within the program to view the detailed help guide.

2. Select Help > Movies in order to select from a range of over 100 movies (or you can find them on the Photo & Graphic Designer site, or the Designer Pro site).

3. There is a comprehensive knowledgebase and a series of Troubleshooters provided in this support system.

4. You can ask questions of fellow Xara owners in the Xara forums at

5. includes recent tutorials and movies from Xara, plus a large collection of tutorials from third parties, including many by Gary Preister and Gary Bouton created when they were editors of the Xara Xone (plus Featured Artists, Free Stuff and more).

6. Our monthly newsletter The Outsider also includes tutorials and tips.  You can read back issues and subscribe on our website.

7. You can join the Xara community on our Facebook page or Google+ page.

8. Designer Pro includes a comprehensive printed manual (new copies only, the printed manual is included in upgrades although there is a PDF copy on the CD).

9. Our Resource Index includes a full list of tutorials, movies and other help resources produced by Xara, either browse by product or search by keyword.

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