Xara Designer Pro common questions

Xara Designer Pro X is our flagship product and includes all the features and templates of Web Designer Premium, Photo & Graphic Designer and Page & Layout Designer in a fully integrated single package solution for all your graphic design needs, for print and the web.  Illustration, photo editing, DTP and document creation, web graphics, websites and online presentations - Designer Pro X does it all!

You can find out more on the Designer Pro X website which includes full feature information, demo movies, examples of artwork and websites created by customers, press reviews and testimonials, previews of the bundled templates and a free trial download.  There is also a comparison chart showing the differences between Designer Pro X and Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Page & Layout Designer.

The release notes are available from here.
You can find full details on upgrading to the latest versions on our website here. This includes upgrades from earlier versions of Designer Pro & Photo & Graphic Designer including Xtreme, ArtWorks, CorelXARA, Xara XS, Xara X, Xara X1 and Xara Webster as well as upgrades from current and previous versions of Web Designer & Web Designer Premium and Page & Layout Designer.
A comparison of Designer Pro, Photo & Graphic Designer, Page & Layout Designer & Web Designer can be viewed from here.
From version 12 (July 2016) the Designs Gallery has changed slightly, in that it now only shows content that has been downloaded and local to your computer. You can download content now from the Content Catalog (File > New from Content Catalog or press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K), or by right-clicking a folder in the Designs Gallery and click Download all to download all the content to your PC but this will take some time as the size of the files ranges into the Gb's. Please click here for more information.
The content installer in the current version contains all the content apart from the Content Catalog content. This includes the full version of Pan Studio, fonts, fills and spell checker language packs. You can download the content installer after unlocking, you will find the download option in the Help menu.

What are the system requirements?

Minimum system requirements for Designer Pro X:

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista® | 7  | 8 | 10
    Intel® Celeron® or newer, or AMD® Sempron® or newer 
  • Min 500 MB RAM, 300 MB hard disk space for program files
Yes. A 64bit version is only available for Designer Pro and Web Designer Premium. Both the 32 and 64bit versions can be installed on the same machine but cannot be run at the same time.
No, Designer Pro installs as a completely standalone product, so you do not need to uninstall previous versions of Designer Pro before installing the current version.
There are over 100 movies accessible directly from within the trial and full version (in the Help menu), or you can find them on our website or YouTube channel.

Also our Resource index has a list of Xara and third party tutorials and movies that you can browse or search by keyword.
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