How to fix the Jotform display code problem

There currently is a known problem with Jotforms where the embed code is producing an error that prevents it from displaying properly. Please see this article on how to fix the problem in the code.

After creating a form and then clicking on Publish > Platforms > Xara this is the code that appears:

Within the code, you might notice that the height value is set to 0px. This is preventing the form from expanding to the height of the placeholder. You can't change the code here but you can once you have embedded it within your website, so for now click on copy code and then insert at the bottom. After, you may not see it initially on your page (as the height of the code is still set to 0px), so you can open the page and Layer Gallery, then select the HTML Placeholder there and see the outlines.

Right-click the HTML Placeholder and click on Web Properties > placeholder > HTML code body. This brings up the code you have just inserted. Where it says "height:0px", change this to "height:100%":

Your form should display correctly now and you should be able to embed it in both the main and mobile variant.

Other display problems

This article only covers the problem with JotForms embed code, however if you are having display problems please send us a ticket using the links at the top of this page. If your form isn't displaying, please confirm that it is on the MouseOff layer and there are no objects ontop that is blocking it.

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