When I enter my Xara3D serial number I get an 'invalid serial number' message.

When entering a serial number you need to enter the X3D at the start of the serial number and the dashes.

If you are sure you are entering it in the correct format then there are two possible causes of the problem with Xara3D 5:

1) If you own Windows XP and you purchased Xara3D 5 before Oct 1st 2003, there is a known issue caused by a conflict with a recent patch to XP.

We have created our own patch to Xara3D 5 which will resolve the problem. It is only 48k and you can download it from our site here:

2) The format of the serial numbers was changed in the first week of October 2003:

i. If you purchased Xara3D5 after October 1st this may mean that the serial number you received for your download is different to the one you need for your CD. In such cases both serial numbers will be recorded in your account. Try them both. You can sign in to your account on our home page and go to Find Serial Number.

ii. If you purchased Xara3D5 before October 1st and you have subsequently re-downloaded after October 1st then you will find that your original serial number will not work with the download. You should instead install from your CD and use the serial number on the back of the CD.

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