Photo Handle Improvements

Changes to Photo handling from version 12

The Photo Tool includes a new ability to more easily scale, rotate, crop and pan clipped images within their frame. This also makes it much easier to straighten the horizon on images without introducing gaps in the corners, to create rounded corners on your photos, and to adjust the shape of your photo frame without distorting (stretching) the photo.

In the Photo Tool click on a photo to show a set of new control handles, some around the outside edge of the photo, some inside, on top of the photo:

Go into the Photo Tool and click the photo to select it. Handles appear on and around the photo, as shown on the example above. As with smartshapes, hold the mouse pointer over any handle to reveal a popup tip for that handle.

As with SmartShapes, hold the mouse pointer over any handle to reveal a pop-up tip for that handle. If the image is made larger than the frame (in other words clipped), which can happen if you reduce the edges of the frame inwards, or use the rotate/scale handle in the top right to enlarge the image, then the ‘hand’ control can be used to re-position the image within the frame.

There are numerous benefits to this new method of manipulating photos:

  • It’s super-easy to to scale and rotate the image within its frame, (like a masked operation) directly from the Photo Enhance Tool.
  • Drag the outer top right corner to rotate the whole image (frame and photo).
  • Both rotate operations (internal and whole image) display the rotation angle as you rotate.
  • The side handles can be used to change the shape (aspect ratio) of the photo, but the image is never stretched - it is scaled, keeping the correct aspect ratio, to fit whatever frame size you want.
  • Dragging the side handles inwards clips (masks) the image within the frame. Use the ‘hand’ to re-position the clipped image within the frame.
  • It’s easy to adjust the horizon of landscape images, without introducing gaps in the corners.
  • It’s easy to give any photo an rounded corner.
  • If you rotate the image, all these operation remains functional

You can still use the Fill Tool to manipulate a photo fill, which works the way it always has.

To reset a photo back to it’s ‘best fit’ state, double click on the rotate/scale handle. To centre the image in its frame, double click on the “hand” icon. To un-clip an image double-click on one of the side handles.

The handles on the edges of the photo allow you to change the shape of the photo frame. Again these operations are smart and the image inside is automatically cropped, scaled or moved in order to make sure the new frame shape is fully filled with photo at all times. Double click any of the edge handles to change the frame to fit the whole photo exactly.

These smart photo operations also work with photos of any shape, not just rectangular photos and with photos within groups and Soft Groups.

Applicable To:

From version 12.0:

  • Photo & Graphic Designer 
  • Web Designer Premium 
  • Web Designer 
  • Designer Pro
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