How has the PDF, Word and RTF file import been improved in version 10?

PDF Import improvements

Embedded Fonts

PDF files containing embedded fonts now import perfectly, using the outlines of the embedded fonts, but remaining as editable text.

Note, many PDF files contain embedded font subsets. In this case only the visible characters used in the document are included in the font.  This is done to reduce the PDF file size.  But a consequence is that if you edit the text and use any character that is not included in that subset, it will appear in the wrong font. The only solution to this is to change the font unless you have the font used within the subset installed/ font is available for install

Text editability

Text Editability. The PDF file format was never designed to be an editable format, but a print-only or read-only format.  However this release includes considerably enhanced ‘text re-construction’ algorithms, making it possible to more easily edit almost all PDF files.


Word Import improvements

You can now open Microsoft Word files, in both .doc and .docx format, and it provides improved, more accurate page layout.  When importing a .doc file you may be asked to download an additional component from Microsoft servers.

RTF Import improvements

There is improved support for text styles, lists, anchored and embedded bitmaps, strikethrough text and pagination.




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