How do I uninstall Xara3D 6?

To uninstall Xara3D, select Remove from the Add/Remove Programs application in Windows (Start/Settings/Control Panel).

Should you need to manually uninstall Xara 3D then you can do so by following the instructions below.

Delete the c:\Program Files\Xara\Xara3D folder

Look in this Registry location: (Select Start followed by Run and type regedit to access the Registry Editor)
There will be a number of key entries of the form {51DB00FD-216D-41CE-9892-D0CE83196108} which have a sub-key "DisplayName"
Remove any of those keys which have a DisplayName of "Xara3D 6" (or have Xara3D 6 anywhere)

Also remove the following registry keys:


Please do not remove anything other than what is listed above.

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