Photo handling improvements since version 8
  • Improved Clone tool - Uses current result photo as the source, instead of the original photo (for manual and magic erase clone objects). More info
  • New Hue adjustments tool- The Photo Enhance tool now includes a new hue adjustment feature, allowing a photo (or parts of a photo when using a soft mask) to be tinted with any color. More info
  • Color Erase/ Selection tool - The tool allows you to erase (make transparent) parts of photos based on colors and secondly, to allow only those areas to be adjusted using the Photo Tool Enhance operations (such as Brightness, Blur, Hue Adjust etc) More info
  • Photo optimization changes - A new ‘Optimze all images’ feature (Utilities menu) will scan through the whole document and reduce the resolution of images to screen res (which is all that’s required for web documents) as well as cropping unseen parts of photos, and automatically converting, where appropriate, images from an raw bitmap format into JPG format.More info
  • JPEG conversion on import. - Imported images (drag and dropped or imported via the File->Import menu) are examined and can optionally be converted to JPEG format if Designer determines that JPEG is more suitable for the image (a prompt is shown in this case). When pasting in images, they are automatically converted to JPEG if they are deemed suitable for JPEG. More info
  • Smarter Photo replacement - When you drag and drop a photo onto an existing one, other existing copies of that image are not all replaced together by the new photo, unless they are inside the same soft group.
  • Improved Panoramic tool - The integrated Panorama stitching tool now stitches up to 8 photos (previous limit was 6) and processing is multi-threaded for higher performance on multi-core computers.
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