How do I download the Template / Widget / Web Pack or business theme?

Important Note:  We are no longer selling the web packs and business themes separately, but all of the widgets and most of the website themes from the packs, and all of the business web themes are now included in the latest version of Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro X, all of the business print themes are included in the latest version of Page & Layout Designer and Designer Pro X. If you own an older versions of Designer then you may want to consider upgrading to the latest version to get these themes and widgets.  Click here for additional information. 

Once you have purchased a template pack, web pack, widget pack or business theme it should be automatically unlocked in your copy of Web Designer or Designer Pro. In the Designs Gallery you should see the folder change from red to blue, that means the template / widget is now ready for use.

Important Note: This will only work if you purchased your pack or theme using the same email address and password as your copy of Web Designer or Designer Pro.  If that is not the case contact Sales using our contact form.

You can find more information on the template and widget packs and business themes on our website here.

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