What are Web Documents?
Print documents within Xara are exported a web document rather than a website.  
A one page HTML page is exported combining all of the pages within your Print document.  The document is a HTML web page, but is  layed out like a PDF document. 

You may wish to export a print document as a web viewable HTML page rather than a PDF. 

  Version 9 introduces a new way of publishing ‘print style’, or DTP-style documents that does not involve PDFs. These provide:
  • Font Freedom. The ability to use a vast range of fonts. Either use your desktop fonts (the fonts are automatically embedded, assuming the license allows) or any of the 600+ fonts from Google Fonts (this document for instance uses Open Sans family of fonts). Google Fonts use the world-wide Google content delivery network (CDN) to serve fonts, saving time and bandwidth.
  • High resolution photos and graphics. Typically websites were limited to 96dpi graphics and photos. Xara includes automatic ‘Retina’ compatible hi-resolution 192dpi text and graphics.
  • Layout freedom: mix graphics and text, ‘anything anywhere’ on the page. Multi-column flowing text stories, with flow-around irregular shapes and photos.
  • Pixel accurate WYSIWYG results. The document you design is exactly what all viewers see, with the exact same fonts, word wrapping and pagination.
  • No plug-ins or separate readers required. Pages are created using HTML5. Your document is just a web document.
  • Compatible: With all modern browsers, including mobile and tablet devices where you can simply swipe to smoothly and rapidly scroll through your whole document.
This has the advantage of being lighter or smaller in size than a PDF. and can make for a smoother viewing experience when viewed on a tablet or iOS devices.
Select "File" > "Preview Web document /Export Web Document / Publish web document" 
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