Links in my web page do not work

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Generally all objects in your web page that you want visible all of the time should reside on the MouseOff layer.

If you have placed objects on the Page Background layer then the object will be exported, and in the case of text links will look like they still have links applied, but the links will have been removed. This is because the Page Background layer is not an active layer.

Solution: Select the object that the link does not work for and look at the Status Line, this will tell you the layer the object currently resides on and the object you have got selected. If the object is not on the MouseOff layer, move it to that layer by following this support article

If you have an object whose bounding area (the rectangular area of the object) covers some or all of your linked object then this would prevent the link from being selectable because the linked object is underneath an object on top of it.

In this case select the linked object and go to Arrange > Bring To Front, this will bring it to the front of the current layer it resides on. If it's already on the MouseOff layer then it shouldn't be moved to a different layer.

It's important to establish where the problem lies if one or more links are not working on your web page, so check the same page in a different web browser.

If the problem is the same in another browser then it's possible it's as a result of one of the above scenarios, so follow those steps to check the object is inserted correctly. If you have followed those and the problem still exists then please submit a support ticket and provide your .web/.xar file to the support team to investigate, along with what links this affects, and on which pages in your document these can be found on.

If the total filesize exceeds 10MB please use either option 2, or in your support ticket ask us for our FTP connection details.

Option 1

Attach the file to the support ticket you are submitting by clicking the Attach button. Please note files larger than 10 MB will not be delivered so only use this option for small files.

Option 2

Upload the file to either your own web server and provide us with a link or upload it to a service such as or from here you will be given a download link for the file, please include that link within your email.

We have had a small number of reports from customers reporting that links in their websites do not work in Chrome. All of these cases so far have been tracked down to the Babylon Toolbar extension being installed in Chrome causing the problem, however we cannot rule out that it's exclusive to this toolbar.

If you are encountering a similar issue click the wrench icon in Chrome and go to Tools - Extensions and disable the Babylon Toolbar then re-open your website and check to see whether the problem still exists.

If the problem is not resolved by this, please submit a ticket to our Support Team and provide them with the following information;

  • Does disabling all of the extensions in Chrome and then refreshing your web page fix the issue?
  • Provide us with a list of all of the extensions that you have got installed in Chrome.
  • Does uninstalling and re-installing the Chrome browser make a difference to the problem?
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