Why can I no longer buy or renew Xara Online services?

March 2012: It is no longer possible to subscribe to Xara Online modules. If you are an existing Xara Online customer the good news is that you can still sign in to your account on this page and edit your modules, and they will continue to display on your site.  The bad news is that we intend to phase out the service in due course, and so we strongly recommend that you start to consider and implement alternatives as soon as possible.  We will email all existing subscribers with further details on the timescale. When your current subscription falls due we will not charge you, the service will continue for free, but we stress that this is not a permanent arrangement and you need to start looking at other options.
Xara do not offer an alternative server side solution, but we do of course sell a range of web and graphic design titles on CD/download which might be of interest as an alternative to some of the Xara Online services.

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