I receive the message Internal Program Error when adding or deleting a page

The Internal Program Error or similar message can occur when attempting to add, duplicate or remove pages. The error is caused by a rogue navbar state being present on one or more of your web pages.

We recommend submitting a support request and sending us your .web/.xar file (the Xara document that you are designing the website in) to allow us to resolve the error for you.

Sign in to your Xara account at and click Submit a Ticket.

If the total filesize exceeds 10MB please use either option 2, or in your support ticket ask us for our FTP connection details.

Option 1

Attach the file to the support ticket you are submitting by clicking the Attach button. Please note files larger than 10 MB will not be delivered so only use this option for small files.

Option 2

Upload the file to either your own web server and provide us with a link or upload it to a service such as or from here you will be given a download link for the file, please include that link within your email.

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