Memory is getting low warning.
The program completes a series of tasks to try and ensure sufficient memory is available when attempting to export your document or when selecting to preview your document as a website. If the program is using over 1GB of memory, the following message displays:
Memory is getting low. Please close any unnecessary documents before continuing. Click Help to find ways to reduce memory usage.
If you get this warning, we recommend you complete the following steps before exporting:
1. Close all open documents other than the document you wish to export. 

2. Optimize the JPEGS in the document you wish to export by selecting the 'Optimize all JPEGS' option from the 'Utilities' menu.
3. Save and close the document you wish to export and re-open it by selecting 'Open recent'  from the 'File' menu.  

4. Export your document.

Please view the following article for information on photo optimizations within Xara
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