Web Designer 7.02 Fixes

The 7.02 update was released on April 1st 2011 to resolve a problem that affected the exporting of the new “Eye Catcher” widgets that are available in Web Designer Premium.

The 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 versions of Web Designer Premium included a bug that affected how photos are exported for the new widgets in the “Eye Catcher” folder of the Designs Gallery.  The first time these widgets are exported in a website, the included photos are correctly exported as JPEGs. But after saving the design, reloading, and then exporting again those photos were being exported as PNG files! Obviously these are much bigger files than the JPEG equivalents that should be exported.

The 7.0.2 update fixes this issue, but any designs saved with earlier versions will still exhibit this problem until you edit the widgets once more. So after updating your program, to fix this in a design containing a widget simply edit the widget (double click on it), make a change of some sort and then close and save it back to your website document. You do need to change something in the widget or else closing and saving it back won’t actually change it and fix the problem.

Once you’ve done this all exports should have JPEG photos permanently.

To update to 7.0.2, use Help->Update program.


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