Can I Insert MP3 files?

Version 8 and later of Web Designer and Designer Pro provide a built in MP3 player widget. 

  • Drag drop your MP3 file into the program.  
  • Select either Auto start or Don't Auto start.
  • The widget will be inserted within your page allowing you to re-position it as required.
Note:  The Audio widget is set to loop.  Information on disabling looping can be viewed from here
Additional audio widgets can be found within the Designs Gallery in Page Elements & Widgets > Audio / Video (widgets) and information on inserting and configuring these widgets can be found within the Xara widget guide

Improvements from version 12

From version 12 we've improved our media player (audio and video) which utilizes the latest HTML5 capabilities of modern web browsers, instead of relying on Flash. If you have an existing document with mp3/mp4 files you would need to delete the widgets and re-import these into your document.

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