Can Xara import movie files into the program?

Designer Pro and Web Designer Premium accept FLV and MP4 movie files.

How Do I insert my video file?

The recommended method is to drag - drop your FLV/ MP4 file from windows explorer into your document.  This will cause the program to auto-generate a placeholder image for your movie file allowing you to position it within your document as required.  

Viewing your document within a web browser will cause the movie to load and display within your page.

Will my site visitors need to have Flash installed in order to view the movies I insert?

Your site visitors will need to have Flash installed in order to display and play the movies you insert.  A fallback method is applied if your site visitors are browsing your web page using a device which does not support Flash.  In this case the video is invoked as HTML5.  This allows the videos you insert within your document to be played on handheld devices such as Apple IPod, IPad and IPhone.

Does Xara recommend a particular format and encoding method?

We recommend using MP4 files with H.264 encoding and a baseline profile to ensure maximum compatibility. FLV is not supported as HTML5 video and these videos will therefore not play on Apple devices. Inserting your video as an MP4 that has been encoded using H.264 with a baseline profile will ensure it is viewable in all modern web browsers and handheld devices. 

How do I convert my video files to MP4?

Any Magix video editing program that provides the MPEG-4 codec can be used to convert your files to MP4.   We recommend the following products. 
  • The "Plus" version of Movie Edit Pro 17)
  • Video Easy (HD)
  • Video Pro X (3)
 Trial versions of these products can be downloaded from
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