How can I change the theme colors in Xara templates?
Website Colors

All the templates use a small set of theme colors, and various shades of those theme colors. These can be edited as a way to very quickly and easily re-color your whole website. These are called 'Named Colors' and appear on the left side of the Color Line along the bottom of the window. 


The Color Line displays Theme Colors on the left, and a variety of other controls.
Simply click on any of the Named Colors and select the Edit option (if you hover the mouse pointer over the color you will see a tooltip name).

The Color Editor provides easy way of choosing any color. Click the Extended Controls to enter RGB values.

Note that when you change a Theme Color in this way, all the related shades used throughout the document will change as well.

Color Schemes

Web Designer 6 allows you to easily alter the entire color scheme of your website.   Color schemes have been added to all themes provided within the Designs gallery. Drag and drop from the Designs Gallery to re-color your website built from the same theme.


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