Are websites created with Xara mobile friendly?

Websites made with our software are ready for iOS and the latest Android smart phones and tablets (iPad, iPhone, Android phones…). From Web Designer 10 Premium and Designer Pro X10, we've introduced Responsive Web Design, which allows you to create multiple variations of your site that are suitable for mobile and tablet viewing. Together with our new embedded HTML 5 player technology for video and audio integration this means that you can create state of the art website projects which work across all platforms and browsers with minimum effort.

We’ve worked to ensure that the things that are typically broken in many websites created with other software - eg links, pop-ups, pinch zoom - work with sites created in Web Designer or Designer Pro. To give specific examples, we have optimized layer transition effects and pop-ups to use hardware acceleration on mobile devices; And we have changed our widgets from flash to DHTML; And we put a lot of effort into ensuring our font substitution features are tablet compatible. The end result is that you should find that websites created with our software ‚just work‘ on mobile devices.


Sites created in Web Designer and Designer Pro are touchscreen compatible (the software itself isn’t).

Responsive Web Design

Version 10 of Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro introduce support for responsive web design. Please see our article here for more information. We also have a demo movie that shows how to create mobile or tablet variants here and an article here.

Search Engine Optimized

Xara's templates with variants passes Google's mobile friendly tests, please see this article

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