Can I import my Webstyle or Menu Maker template packs into Web Designer

The templates from webstyle or menu maker cannot be directly imported into Web Designer. 

You can however import the individual vector objects used to create a template in Webstyle or Menu Maker into Web Designer.

The objects which makeup a template are saved with a .wix file extension and Web Designer supports the import of .wix files.

Your Menu Maker template files are located at   C:\Program Files\Xara\Menu Maker\WSTemplates\Misc Navbars  You can therefore drag and drop any files with a .wix extension from this location directly into Xara Web Designer.  Alternatively, select file and import from Xara Web Designer and browse to this directory in order to select a particular wix file to import.

Similarly, webstyle .wix files are saved within the wstemplates folder of the webstyle installation folder  (C:\Program Files\Xara\webstyle 4\WSTemplates\

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