Can I create multi page websites in Xara Web Designer?

It's simple to create multi page sites in Xara Web Designer.  The easiest way is to use one of the themes from the Designs Gallery. 

Open the Designs Gallery and select a page from one of the available themes.  Each theme in Web Designer 6 consists of an entire multi page website as well as individual pages.

Double clicking on the website or an individual page will cause it to be loaded in a new document.  Subsequent pages can be added to the document by dragging and dropping another page from the Designs Gallery.  Alternatively, select the duplicate page icon from the standard tool bar or click on Edit followed by Pages and select to insert a new page.
You can edit the objects on each of the pages as well as add additional pages to your document whilst still altering the theme colors of your design across the entire document. The Properties of each page can be set via the Web Properties dialog from within the Page tab and Links between pages will be maintained when altering the page ordering or inserting new pages into the document.  The navigation bar in each of the templates is set to be a site navigation bar allowing the buttons of the bar to automatically link to the pages within the document. 

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