How can I make an object stretch in Xara Web Designer?

Many of the web pages and individual items in the themes in the Designs Gallery have stretching applied.  One example is the design named Panel 1 from the Zero Degrees Theme within the Designs Gallery.

The back panel will stretch and contract depending on the amount of text it contains.  Alternatively, you can select the Text tool, click on the text in the panel and drag the text line to increase or decrease the width that the text spans.  The back panel will resize accordingly.

Another example are the buttons that are named 'Stretch button' such as the button in the Zero Degrees Theme. The button will stretch depending on the button text it contains.

Although Web Designer supports stretching, and all of the templates contain elements that have stretching applied, it is not possible to apply stretching yourself in Xara Web Designer.  Customers that have Xtreme can apply stretching to objects and import them within Web Designer by following the steps below:-

To create your own stretchy object please follow these to create a stretchy object:-

1 - Create a background object.

2 - Create the text on top of the object

3 - Right click on the object and select convert to editable shapes.

4 - Give names to both the object and the text.

5 - Go into the name gallery and use the drop down list to choose Stretchy.

6 - Tick the name of the object and then click on the arrow next to it.

7 - Check the box of the name of the text that you used.

Now if you add or remove some of the text the graphic behind will stretch.

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