How do I import my Corel files into Xara?

There are several options when attempting to open CorelDraw files:

  • Export Corel files as PDFs which can then be imported directly into Xara.
  • Another option is CMX - Corel Presentation Exchange format. Xara works happily with imported files of this type, but some loss of functionality may occur if the original file is too complex. For example, Xara will recognize gradient fills, but not drop shadows.
  • Copy to the clipboard from CorelDraw and paste into Xara as Corel Draw CMX file.


This article applies to:

  • Xtreme 4 - Xtreme 5
  • Xtreme Pro 3.2 - Xtreme Pro 5
  • Photo & Graphic Designer 6 and newer
  • Page & Layout Designer 9 and newer
  • Designer Pro 6 and newer
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