Is there a way to nudge graphics using grid snapping?

Nudge size
This applies when moving objects using the arrow? keys on the keyboard

Nudge modifiers

To modify the nudge distance, use these key combinations while using the arrow keys:

Ctrl nudge 5 times the normal distance
Shift nudge 10 times the normal distance
Ctrl+Shift nudge by l/5th the normal distance
Alt nudge by 1 pixel
Alt+Shift nudge by 10 pixels


Create a new drawing.
Select Utilites | Options | Grid and Ruler
Set the Major Spacing value to be 100px and the number of subdivisions to be 1
Then click on the general tab
Set the nudge size to be 10px
Click on Apply and then Ok
Next enable your grid by pressing the # key
Enable 'Snap to Grid' by right clicking on the page and selecting 'Snap to Grid'
Draw a square using the rectangle tool that's 100px * 100px. (hold down the ctrl key when drawing the rectangle to make the width and height equal.
Now hold down the shift key and use the arrow keys to move the object created and notice how it snaps to the grid?

In this example we have set the number of subdivisions to be just 1. This is only to illustrate how this works. In reality you might have major spacing set to 100px, subdivisions set to 10 and the nudge size set to 10. Then every nudge will snap to a subdivision.

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