I can no longer use synthesized bold/italic font varients


When opening an existing design you may receive a warning such as:

"This document contains syntheized bold/italic font varients that are no longer supported. Please use the Name Gallery to identify and if neccessary replace the fonts"

or, when attempting to apply a bold/italic attrbute to text you may receive a warning such as:

"Applying this bold or italic would have no visual effect because none of the fonts applied to the selection offer the requested bold or italic varient. The effect has not been applied"


Xara Xtreme/Pro 4 and above does not allow you to apply italic or bold to text if the necessary italic/bold font is not installed. Xtreme/Pro 3.2 and earlier versions would allow this and would artificially synthesize an italic or bold appearance as required. The results produced by doing this were generally poor quality. Besides this, you would encounter problems if later trying to export your design to PDF, since other applications would either not synthesize the bold/italic appearance or produce even worse results.


If you receive this error when opening a design, open the Name Gallery and check which font(s) are marked as synthesized.

If you wish to use the same font; to add bold, just give it a small line width. To slant a font to create an italic look, use the skew / slant feature of the selector tool.

Or to choose a font which includes a bold/italic varient, from the font dropdown hover over a font and all available varients will be displayed.

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