Does Designer Pro, P&GD and Xara Xtreme run with Service Pack 2 or with hardware that supports Data Execution Prevention?

There are no problems when running Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2

Note for customers with hardware that supports Data Execution Prevention:

If your hardware supports Data Execution Prevention (DEP) then please ensure the option is enabled and your xara program is added to exception list.

Right click on My Computer and select Properties
Select Advanced and click on the settings button below the subheading 'Performance'
Select the Data Execution Prevention Tab
Enable the option 'Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select'
Click the Add button
Browse to the Xara X1/Xtreme/Xtreme Pro/ Designer Pro/Photo & Graphic Designer installation folder and double click on the exe to add it to the list.  (exe names per product shown below)
An access violation can occur when loading a file edited by the Xara Picture editor or when applying a live effect if the program is not added to the exception list.

Executable names
Designer Pro 6/7 -  DesignerPro.exe
Photo & graphic Designer 6/7 - PhotoGraphicDesigner.exe
Xtreme versions 2 and above  - Xtreme.exe
Previous versions - XaraX.exe


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