I encounter the error 'internal program error' when running Xtreme.

This article applies to Xara Xtreme versions 3 and 4.

Internal program error can be displayed when running Xara Xtreme or Xara Xtreme Pro.

This error occurs when Spyware Doctor from PC Tools is enabled.
Spyware Doctor - PC Tools Software.
Product version
Database version 3.07670

The problem does not occur with version 5 of Spyware Doctor and therefore updating Spyware doctor will prevent the error from occuring.

This error also occurs with the following products:

Ashampoo Antispyware 2
SpyHunter (Enigma Software Group) Product version
ThreatFire - PC Tools Software Product Version 3.0.13

We have contacted PC Tools regarding this error. However, until this is resolved, the current solution is to uninstall ThreatFire before running Xtreme or disabling the other mentioned programs prior to installing and running.

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