Cannot download GDI+ or XML4 when installing Xara Xtreme.

During the installation of Xara X¹/Xara Xtreme, the installer may attempt to connect over the Internet to Xara’s servers in order to retrieve 1.6mb of additional files. This is so that GDI+ and/or XML4 can be installed onto your machine. Both are required by Xara Xtreme/ Xara X¹.

Download additional files

If when you click Yes the installer fails to download the required files, you’ll see a message like this:-

question image

This error may occur for the following reasons:-

a) There is no internet connection during installation
b) The installer is not granted access by your firewall

If you can’t resolve the problem so that the installer can successfully download the files required, you can download the files yourself using a web browser.

MSXML4 can be downloaded from:-

Once downloaded, double-click the msxml.msi file to run the installer and install MXXML4 on your computer.

GDI+ can be downloaded from:-

Download the file gdiplus_dnld.exe to your computer (eg. To C:/). Then double-click the file and unzip the 3 files it contains onto your computer (eg. To C:/). You should find that you now have a file called gdiplus.dll, which is the file that the Xara X1/Xtreme installer requires.

Now when you’re asked by the Xara Xtreme/X1 installer if you already have a copy of GDI+ on your computer (see message shown above), click the Yes button. You’ll then see the following dialog:-

select folder

Select the folder on your computer that contains gdiplus.dll (eg. C:/) and click OK. The installer should then proceed with no further downloads required.

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