The error 0x80004003 is displayed when attempting to retrieve my templates or unlock Webstyle/ Xara Xtreme or Menu Maker.

The following error can be displayed when attemtping to unlock Webstyle/Xtreme/ Menu Maker or when retrieving your Webstyle templates:

Webstyle has encountered an error while communicating with the server...
Unexpected error (0x80004003
Please make sure you are connected to the Internet.
If this continues to happen, please contact technical support

The most likely cause is some security based software preventing the Xara program from connecting to our server.

Please check your firewall settings to ensure access is granted.

It has been known for cookie blocker software such as Spyware Doctor to cause this kind or problem and therefore please ensure any virus protection and adware prevention software is disabled when installing and adware prevention software is disabled when downloading templates, as well as access being granted via your firewall settings.

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