I can't unlock my software by entering my email address and password.

This article applies to Xtreme 4 / Xtreme Pro 4 and earlier

1. Are you able to sign in to your Xara account  by entering your email address and password? If so, is the product you are trying to unlock listed as one of the products you own (click on 'My Products', or if this is an older title click on ' Xara Modules and Older Xara Software)?

If you cannot sign in, then it's probable you have entered the wrong email address or password.

You can request a password hint by clicking on 'I've forgotten my password' link on the Sign In page.

If you can sign in but your Xara product isn't listed, then perhaps you are using the wrong account - you need to use the account details you entered when you purchased the program.  If you are unsure about the right account details our support staff can hopefully help, use the Purchase & Account option on our contact page and please include the serial number of the product.

2. Are you running a firewall? Xara X uses SOAP over HTTP on port 80. Your firewall may be configured to refuse SOAP.

3. Download and run the diagnostic tool from

If you receive an error from the diagnostic tool, please let us know the error message encountered.

4. Do you connect via a Proxy? Does the Proxy require authentication?

5. Do you have an automatic configuration script set in your LAN settings?

6. Please select start and then run from your windows start bar and type regedit.

If you are running Xara X¹, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Xara>XaraX1.

If you are running Xara Xtreme, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Xara>XaraXtreme.

If you are running Xara Xtreme Pro, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Xara>XaraXtremePro.

Is the folder present? Is there a sub folder named Connect? If not, please download ( if you are using Xara Xtreme, or ( if you are using Xara X¹, or (,1) if you are using Xtreme Pro.

Extract the .reg file from the zip to a location on your machine. Next right click on the file and select merge.

Please ensure you provide the error message displayed in addition to the answers to the questions above when contacting support.

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