Where is the Color select/ erase tool in version 10 ?

The Color select / erase tool has been replaced with a new select & enhance colors tool.  Customers may wish to add the Color select / erase back onto the toolbar in order to use the color erase functionality. 

To add the the Color select / erase tool icon to your toolbar:

  • Open the Control bars dialog from the Windows menu and check the option labelled "Button Palette".

  • Locate the Color select / erase tool button in the button palette. Tip: hold the pointer still over buttons to read their pop-up help and look for "Color select / erase tool".

  • Hold down either of the Alt keys and drag the button from the button palette to the place on the toolbar where you want it.

  • You can the close the button palette when you’re finished.

  • (Alt-drag the button off the toolbar and drop it away from all bars if in future you want to remove it.)

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