My screensaver<!--screen-saver, screen saver--> created in ScreenMaker 3D<!--screenmaker 3d, screen maker 3d--> freezes.

The screensaver exported from Xara ScreenMaker 3D can freeze after displaying for a period of time This can occur when Windows Defender or similar applications are running their periodic checks in the background. If this is the case then please add the .scr file to the windows defender exception list so it is not scanned

If problems continue then please download the replacement ScreenMaker 3D files

1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Xara\ScreenMaker3D\ and rename ScreenMaker3D.exe to be ScreenMaker3DORIG.exe

2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Xara\ScreenMaker3D\System and rename XaraCube.scr to XaraCubeORIG.scr and Xara3D.scr to Xara3DORIG.scr

3. Extract the contents of the zip file and copy ScreenMaker3D.exe to C:\Program Files\Xara\ScreenMaker3D\ and then copy Xara3D.scr and XaraCube.scr to C:\Program Files\Xara\ScreenMaker3D\System

Now re-create your screensaver to see if this resolves the problem.

Some customers have also reported that disabling 'Write Combining' resolves this problem.

To disable the Enable Write Combining feature on Windows XP, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Display.
2. On the Settings tab, click Advanced, and then click the Troubleshoot tab.
3. Click to clear the Enable Write Combining check box.
4. Click OK, and then click OK again.
5. Restart your computer
6. Try viewing your screensaver again
7. If the issue is not resolved, repeat steps 1 through 4, but in step 4 click to select the Enable Write Combining check box.

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