How do I edit a screen grab in Xara Xtreme?
  1. Capture your screengrab using the Print Screen key, or press Alt+Print Screen keys.
  2. Ctrl+V and select 'bitmap' to paste the grabbed image into Xara.
  3. Resize to the required size. You can also crop it using the Xara Picture Editor or by placing another shape on top of it, selecting both and then using Arrange - Combine Shapes - Subtract Shapes.
  4. Export or Create Bitmap Copy (Shift+Ctrl+C) to display the Options dialog.
  5. If you want to paste the result into other applications, it might be best to reduce the colors to keep the file as small as possible - select 256 colors or even 16 colors in the color Depth drop down.
  6. Uncheck the transparency icon (the one shaped like a glass) and click Save or Create.
  7. If you created a bitmap copy on screen, select this and Ctrl+C to copy it to the system clipboard.
  8. You can now paste this into just about any other application.
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