Can I insert a NavBar in a shared border in FrontPage?

Select to apply a shared border to your web pages. Having done so, navigate to the _borders directory where you will find the web page which is being applied as a include file to your other web pages

For the purpose of this example, assume it is named top.html

Insert your NavBar within top.html by selecting the insert menu from FrontPage followed by Xara and then menu maker. After customising and saving your NavBar you will be directed back to FrontPage with the NavBar being displayed

The html inserted within the page will look similar to below

<!--webbot CLIENTSIDE
bot="XmmFpEx" MODULEID="'NRMS Topmenu (Project)\camden3_off.xws'" PREVIEW="<img src='camden.gif?002CC117' editor='menumaker' border='0'>" startspan --><script src="xaramenu.js"></script><script src="camden.js"></script><noscript><img src="camden.gif?002CC117" editor="menumaker"></noscript><!--webbot
bot="XmmFpEx" i-CheckSum="40945" endspan -->

The NavBar will not show on pages stored in separate folders to the _borders folder. In order to allow the NavBar to be displayed the html needs to be amended. The part of the code from what is shown above which would need to be altered is shown below

<script src="xaramenu.js"></script><script menumaker src="camden.js"></script>

This would need to be changed to read

<script src=”/_borders/xaramenu.js”></script><script src=”/_borders/camden.js”></script> ( this is assuming _borders directory is stored within your root folder of your web site)

When the browser reads the html, it will read the / telling the browser to go to the root directory. It will then look for the _borders directory and within here look for the .js file. This would allow the shared border to be applied pages within your site stored in any folder and allow the navbar to be displayed

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