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 Can I insert external widgets in to my web page?
Solution Xara Web Designer allows you to replace any object with HTML code.  This allows you to easily insert external objects in to your web pages such as videos from You Tube, Google maps, flash movies, photo albums and many, many other types of widgets/gadgets.

Xara Web Designer 6 comes provides access to a number of widgets directly from the Designs gallery.  Open the design gallery, expand one of the widgets folders and drag and drop the desired widget within your document.  A browser window will open directing you to the widget providers site. Follow the onscreen instruction in order to create your widget or click on the help button within the browser window.  Web Designer will automatically generate a placeholder image for the widget being inserted allowing you to position it in a WYSIWYG manner.

Web Designer 6 does not restrict you to only inserting the widgets from within the widget gallery.  Any external widget can be inserted within the program.  See our widget guide for more information.  Version 6 does not require you to create a placeholder when inserting a widget.  Simply pasting the code provided from the widget provider will cause the program to auto generate a placeholder image containing the code pasted.
Inserting a widget within Xara Web Designer 5/ Xtreme 5 can be achieved in 3 simple steps for the vast majority of widgets available on the Internet.
1.   Find the widget you wish to insert, customize the widget if possible, and copy the HTML Code provided.
The most difficult part of inserting a widget is choosing which widgets you wish to insert in to your web page. 

2.      Create a Placeholder in Xara Web Designer using either the rectangle tool or even a clipped screenshot of the widget in action and position the placeholder in your page where you wish the widget to appear. Most widgets are configurable and allow you set the size, look and feel of the widget.  You should therefore ensure the placeholder is created to be the same width and  height as the widget being inserted.

3.      Apply the HTML Code copied from the widget provider to your placeholder.

Inserting HTML Code in to a placeholder involves selecting the placeholder object, clicking on Web Properties followed by the Placeholder tab and pasting the code copied from the widget provider into the Replace with HTML code text area.  Click on Apply or OK to apply the change.  

An object on any layer can be replaced with HTML code.  This allows you to link some text or a picture for example on your web page to an embedded You Tube video which only displays when mousing or clicking on the text or picture link.

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