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Latest Updates

We’ve released a free update to Web Designer and Web Designer Premium, bringing them up to version 12.2.0 under our Update Service.

New features are marked as NEW - JULY 2016 on our What’s New page @ 

Details have also been added to the Web Designer 365 release notes at


Summary of improvements

  • In partnership with Pixabay we’ve added fully integrated access to a library of CC0 stock photos & illustrations in the Online Content Catalog
  • Also in the Content Catalog there are 25+ photo filter pre-sets
  • Several useful list editing improvements
  • Some minor SVG import improvements


Updating To update your installation

Simply start the program and it will automatically find any available update. Alternatively use the "Update program" facility in the program Help menu. Note you need to have unlocked AND registered your program to receive updates.

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We’ve just launched a new version of Xara Designer Pro


What's new in Xara Designer Pro X365

Xara Designer Pro X365 Release Notes

First Look

Program Trial

A trial version is available for download from here


Web Features
• Enhanced sticky objects (scroll and then stick to top)
• 40 new on reveal animation types
• 30 ‘scrolling animations’ including parallax effects
• Editing enhancements for Xara Online Designer
• New content including all 166 business themes!

You can see examples of the new features and content on our demo sites @ and and

Photo & Graphic Features
• Paint on photo effects with the new Photo Effect painter
• 25+ photo filter pre-sets in the Online Content Catalog
• Magnetic Lasso for quick and easy cut-outs
• New X Process option in the photo enhance tool
• New color dodge & burn transparency blend modes
• Google Material Design icons added to the symbol library
• New SmartShapes such as charts, text panels, photo grids and a new spiral
• Enhanced Content Catalog with search and an integrated stock photo & illustration library
• Improved Word, PDF, RTF and PSD support

Like Web Designer and Photo & Graphic Designer it benefits from the Update Service, you can find out more about that on


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