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Latest Updates

We’ve released a new version of Web Designer and Web Designer Premium 11,  version There is a free patch available for existing owners of 11.0.x but please read this note before downloading the patch.


Important Note:

You should not download this patch if you are using Task Pilot for hosting your website, or if you have created a slideshow with the Task Pilot Slideshow Widget. The patch replaces Task Pilot with a new offer from Xara Hosting and you will not be able to publish to Task Pilot sites. So if you currently use Task Pilot please wait for our next patch, which will address this special case.



Web Designer 11

Web Designer 11 Premium (32 BIT)

Web Designer 11 Premium (64 BIT)


Summary of improvements

addition of left/right aligned embedded objects.

- replacement of Task Pilot Hosting with Xara Online Hosting.

- various bug fixes,  help updates and small improvements.

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We’ve released a free update to Photo & Graphic Designer 11, bringing it up to version


To update your installation, simply start the program and it will automatically find any available update. Alternatively use the "Update program" facility in the program Help menu. Note you need to have unlocked AND registered your program to receive updates.


Summary of improvements

  • Word import/export filter added – this was missing in the initial release.
  • Support for embedded aligned graphics in text added (as already included in Designer Pro 11).
  • Various other bug-fixes and small improvements.

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